BLOOD Jrock Concert

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BLOOD Jrock Concert

Příspěvekod kanzenmusic » 15 bře 2012, 23:08

BLOOD is a Japanese band that has been active from 2002 to 2009, returning in 2011. BLOOD's aim is to create music that expresses the meaning of human emotion that breaks the musical frame. They are closely associated with visual kei, but the band refers to themselves as a "gothic band".
Blood was formed in February 2002 in Osaka, and has separate "periods" defined by changing concepts. The band was formed when members Kiwamu and Kaede, first as duo project .
The band had 2 periods during which they had several releases, members changes, live performances in the USA and also, move their music in a more hard rock direction.
The third period had a vampire concept after which BLOOD was faced with a new beginning. They continued in the hard rock direction and they started a new concept based on the poetry of the French poet, Charles Baudlaire.
During its activity, the band had several tours, including a worldwide tour, USA, Mexico, Europe and Australia.
In September 2007, Kiwamu joined GPKISM headed by GPK (Gothique Prince Ken) of Australia as the guitarist. The band quickly gained some notoriety. On 20 November 2008 , BLOOD announced that they will cease activities after their 2009 album “Lost Sky” and their final tour entitled "La Fin de la Journee".
In 2011, Kiwamu decided BLOOD`s official returning with new members: Hayato (vocalist), Kazuha (guitar), Azami (bass) and Dora (drums) releasing the singles “Bathory” in June and “Elizabeth” in October. The band performed a North American tour in November 2011, performing at Dotcon in Toronto, Boston, NYC, Pennsylvania, and at Anime USA with the main act Matenrou Opera.

In Czech Republic the concert will be held on 06.04 in Prague @ Matrix Club, Koněvova 13.
Tickets can be bought at, , Eventim outlets, Matrix`s club website or Kanzen Music official website- .
Ticket price: 400 CZK in advance, 500 CZK at the doors.

Jrock on!

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