MondoCon 2013

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MondoCon 2013

Příspěvekod Stribro » 24 led 2013, 19:39

Na FB nam pristala pozvanka do MondoConi souteze. Servirujeme v uprave Copypasta Milano s cerstvou bazalkou:

2013 Spring MondoCon 4th International AMV Contest

The spring is upon us, we couldn’t even catch our breath

and another challange is emerging. The fourth official
international MondoCon AMV Contest. In this competition you can sign up regardless of nationality and habitation.

The signup deadline is at 17th March 2013 (Sunday) CET 23:59.
The AMV must be uploaded to the internet strictly as the rules
defines, and the competitors must fill out the forms HERE (under updating)

The alternate or misconceived interpretation of the RULES are not allowed big_smile

You can ask your questions here in this forum topic or by email (

We wish everyone a lot of creativity and luck
for the competition. smile

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Re: MondoCon 2013

Příspěvekod Nya-chan Production » 22 bře 2013, 01:01

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Re: MondoCon 2013

Příspěvekod Čingiz » 22 bře 2013, 09:27

To si děláš...?! ;_;
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Re: MondoCon 2013

Příspěvekod kronas » 23 bře 2013, 01:43

nevim mě ty amv přijdou naprosto bezproblémový :D
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Re: MondoCon 2013

Příspěvekod McLobo » 08 dub 2013, 15:58

We got u Nya-chan, in the "2013 Spring MondoCON [HUN]"!!

Welcome from hungary! ;)

The one with camera is Manta.
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